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Finishing line

Rotating table for article transportation, Loading and Unloading as well as component feeding via Roboter, Cutting- and weldingprocess Fuel and Non-Fuel container

"Your Partner for automation"
  • Automotive

    Turnkey finishing technology from one single source.
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B+R GmbH - Your Benefits

Reliable, lean and well thought finishing solutions from a single source offer to our customers the decisive advantages in today’s tough competition.

  1. Robust quality for precise production tolerances.
  2. Sophisticated concepts of 40 years experience in the plastic industry.
  3. Flexible systems from quick change to robotics
  4. Customer oriented service

  • Deflashing Systems

  • Robotic finishing cell

  • Infrared Riveting

  • Infrared Welding

  • Robotic_deflashing

  • Feeding and Loading

  • Assembly and Checking

  • Assembly and Checking

  • Robotic cutting cell for PFT